At a customer site we did have the problem that the "Create a place" link of Lotus Quickr (Domino) was visible even if no user was logged into Quickr. So every user was able to create a place even if this functionality was restricted to special users/groups.


In the database "....\lotusquickr\lotusquickr\main.nsf" there is a document with the title "Create a place". In this document there is a field "h_Readers" which contains all users/groups which are able to create new places. This field contained, among other entries, also the entry "Anonymous". Because of that the "Create a place" link is visible even if no user is logged in.

The question was why this field contained this entry. After some investigation I found out that Quickr adds all entries of the ACL of the MAIN.NSF to this field (and in addition all users and groups you add to "Who can create new places on this server?" within the Quickr site administration).

After deleting the "Anonymous" entry from the ACL (and in addition deleting it from the ACL of "CreateHaiku.nsf" too which also contained this entry) and then re-adding the persons and groups to "Who can create new places on this server?" again the field was populated correctly.

Afterwards the link to "Create a place" was no longer visible if no user was logged in.

Unfortunately I was not able to find out why the two databases did contain "Anonymous" in their ACLs. I am quite sure that we did not add these entries manually...


I just found out when "Anonymous" is added to the ACL: It happens every time you issue the command "load qptool upgrade -f -server" as you are e.g. doing when implementing a new hotfix.

The "Anonymous" entry in MAIN.NSF with reader access seems to be ok for me. But you should make sure that "Anonymous" has "No Access" in the database "CreateHaiku.NSF" in the LotusQuickr directory (it does not need to be deleted!).

Lotus Quickr: "Create a place" link visible without logging in
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