If you are a local member ((not in the directory) of a Quickr (Domino) place you cannot add your place to the connector because you get the message that user or password is invalid.

To solve this issue you need to login with a full qualified user name instead only first name and last name. The full qualified name depends on the name of the place and the organization name of your Quickr server.

E.g. if your local user name is “Firstname Lastname” and the name of the place (the part which is used in the URL) is “test_place” and the servername is “Quickr/Demo” the full qualified name for a local user would be:

“Firstname Lastname/test_place/qp/demo”

If you are using this name with the connector you will be able to add the place to the Quickr connector.


It seems that this workaround is not working in every environment! Local users are currently not officially supported with connectors. So if this does not work for you please open a PMR and let them add a customer report to the existing SPR #JRIE7JSKCY.

How to add a Quickr place to the connector as a local place user?
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