Starting with Notes 8 (Standard Client) it was no longer possible to select several documents in the Notes inbox with the space bar. You had to use the Windows “standard” way using Ctrl key and mouse.

Some Notes users (including me :-)) missed this feature a lot. For any users who did not realize it yet: With Notes 8.5 it is now back.

You can enable this setting by checking “Preferences -> Basic Notes Client Configuration -> Additional Options -> Show check marks in margin for selected documents”.


Oliver Regelmann just corrected me: This options was already introduced in Notes 8.0.2. Thanks!

Lotus Notes 8.5: Select documents with Space bar is back
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One thought on “Lotus Notes 8.5: Select documents with Space bar is back

  • 03.03.2010 at 17:18

    That’s nice… a step in the right direction. But what kills me isn’t the fact that I’m missing the check-mark… it’s the fact that when I search for a term in a folder I want to use the space-bar to DE-select items so they disappear out of the search results, leaving an easy-to-peruse resultant set.

    Notes 8 now forces you to see all results, with no option to spacebar-dismiss them. The only way to manage the notes was to use ctrl-click (which was killing me!). Your tip to get the check-marks back is nice, and a step in the right direction, but there’s still a way to go to fix the “improved” search behavior.


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