Stuart pointed out what you need to change in the QPCONFIG.XML of Lotus Quickr 8.2 (Domino) to be able to display the Lotus Connections 2.5 business card within Quickr. The new Dojo-based 2.5 business card could currently not be displayed as Connections and Quickr are using different Dojo versions (will change with the next Quickr release) so you need to switch to the older (2.0.1) style of the business card in the meantime.

Here is how to do that:

1.  Switch Quickr to using the old business card in Lotus Quickr, by updating the qpconfig.xml file as follows (change "" to the hostname of your Connections server:

<server_name> </server_name>
<semantic_tag_service_location> /profiles/ibm_semanticTagServlet/javascript/semanticTagService201.js </semantic_tag_service_location>

2. Apply iFix L045514 (or Fixpack 1) to the Lotus Connections Server.

Lotus Connections 2.5 Business card not displayed in Quickr 8.2 (Domino)
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