Just had the problem that there was no Sametime awareness in Quickr 8.2 (Domino). Although everything was configured correctly including a working SSO between the servers nothing happened. Even the Java console did not start. With firebug you saw that the STLINKS.JS was loaded correctly.

The solution: In the Domino Web SSO configuration document the “Token format” was set to “LtpaToken and LtpaToken2 (compatible with all releases of Domino)”.After I changed that to the default of “LtpaToken (compatible with Domino 7 and prior releases)” and restartet the HTTP tasks everything were fine.

Not sure if this has something to do with it: The token itself was an imported token of a Websphere 6.1 (Lotus Connections) server.

No Sametime awareness in Quickr 8.2 (Domino)
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