Lotus Quickr Connectors HF 7 installation

by Michael Urspringer - 08.06.2011

In the package of the Lotus Quickr Connector HF7 you will find several files which were not existing in earlie versions. These files are not needed for the connectos but have been included unintentionally.

To update the connectors on the Quickr server you just neeed to copy the file QKRCONN.EXE to the path “<Domino data>\domino\html” and replace the existing one. You can delete the “buildinfo.txt” in the same directory as it is no longer needed.

To install the connectors only the QKRCONN.EXE is needed from te ZIP file. You can safely ignore the other files (except the readme file 😉


unintentionally unintentionally
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11 Responses to Lotus Quickr Connectors HF 7 installation

  1. It seems that you can use the other files to update the “places” sidebar plugin from an updatesite. But it does not update the explorer or office integration.

  2. Yes, that is what it looks like. However as the developer told me to ignore the other files I would consider them as “currently not supported” 😉

  3. well ok 😉 that’s a good argument.
    I wonder why the dont remove it from the zip..

  4. It was not intended to be in the ZIP 😉 There was a problem during packaging…

  5. Matthias says:

    Do you guys also have the problem that you right click the tray icon of the connectors and choose in the following menu “explorer” then it gets you to an error message. OS win7 x64

  6. No, that does work for me here. Did you uninstall the older connectors first and bootet the machine?

  7. Matthias says:

    No, I didn’t do this. I just ran the qkrconn.exe and installed it over the old one.
    Maybe that is the problem. Nevertheless were was then the quality control of ibm?

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