iPhone and iPad are now printing on my Windows printer

by Michael Urspringer - 12.05.2011

I do not have an Airprint-ready printer at home. But with the help of a little free tool I managed to configure  my Canon MG8150 as a device which will be recognized by both iPhone and iPad.

Just download the AirPrint activator for Windows and run it one time. You need to make sure to use “Run as administrator” as a service needs to be installed.

If you have activated the local Windows firewall you need to add a rule to allow incoming traffic for “c:\airprint\airprint.exe”. Although it was not described in the help I needed also to add a rule to allow incoming UDP traffic on port 5353.

Now you can just select “Print” in iOS and your shared Windows printer will available for selection. Just enter your Windows user / password one time and you are able to print from your iOS devices.

[Update  02.03.2012]

As the above software is no longer working for me and I did not find out the reason, I have changed to “Fingerprint” now. It does cost a little bit but it is working like a charm even with iOS 5.1.

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7 Responses to iPhone and iPad are now printing on my Windows printer

  1. jones says:

    hey there is the app available free? and how about the performance of the system after the app is installed.?

  2. No need for an iPhone app. It is just a Windows program you need to run. Yes, it is free and you do not see any performance degradation.

    • Bruce MacInnes says:

      Not sure how to do this. Do I run the windows program on my PC? If so, how do I get this to change the configuration of my MG8150 printer?

      • You do not need to change the printer config. You run the program on a Pc where you have defined your prinater as a Windows printer and you choose that printer within the program. You can also choose more than one printer and they all will be visible on you iOS device.

  3. Bruce MacInnes says:

    Thanks. I tried the free version without success. Do I have to pay $20 to get the paid for version or is there an alternative?

  4. Bruce MacInnes says:

    PS – I am on Windows 8 and am not sure whether this is compatible…

  5. If the free version does not work, I doubt the paid version will do. I am using Windows 7. You need to check with the vendor.

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