There was a question regarding the maximum size of lists in Quickr (Domino) and the related parameters in QPCONFIG.XML. Here are the answers from support:

  • There is no enforced limit on the number of rows, if the "lists/sizeOfList" element is commented out in qpconfig.xml.  If that line is not commented out, then the maximum number of rows is the value of the "lists/sizeOflList" element in qpconfig.xml.
  • The maximum number of columns allowed in a list is 64.
  • The qpconfig parameter "lists/sizeOfSpreadsheet" means: maximum number of rows that can be in a spreadsheet that is used to import data into a list and the parameter "lists/sizeOfList" means the maximum number of items (aka rows) that a list may have.
Lotus Quickr (Domino): Maximum Size of Lists
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