At a customer we did have the problem that the people search within the Lotus Sametime client was no longer working.

The users did get the message "Required directory or configuration information is missing" and in SAMETIME.LOG you could see the error "Open directory has failed - internal error (0x3)".

The customer was using Lotus Domino as LDAP server. The problem could be solved by setting the LDAP timeout value back to 0 seconds (which is also the default). They set the value to "15" before.

You can change this in the Domino default configuration document under "LDAP -> Timout".

After restarting the LDAP task the people search did work as expected again.

Lotus Sametime: People Search not working
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One thought on “Lotus Sametime: People Search not working

  • 03.01.2012 at 04:35

    IMHO, it should never be set to zero (unlimited), but something like 120 - 240 seconds\2-4 minutes or less. 15 seconds was indeed much too short though.

    -Tim E. Brown


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