Tivoli Directory Integrator: Change UI and Log Language

by Michael Urspringer - 27.06.2013

If you install Tivoli Directory Integrator on a Windows machine where you have set the regional settings to another language than English, the UI and all log messages of TDI appear in the local language instead of English. If you want to change that so that all messages appear in English again you need to to the following steps:

  1. Open “<TDI Program Dir>\ibmditk.bat” in a text editor
  2. Look for the two lines where “eclipsece\miadmin” is called and add “-Duser.language=en” at the end of these lines. They will then look similar to the following lines:
    "%TDI_HOME_DIR%\ce\eclipsece\miadmin" -tdishutdown -noSplash %* -vm "%TDI_JAVAW_PROGRAM%" -vmargs -Dcom.ibm.di.loader.IDILoader.path="%TDI_HOME_DIR%" -Duser.language=en
    start /B "Tivoli Directory Integrator" "%TDI_HOME_DIR%\ce\eclipsece\miadmin" %* -vm "%TDI_JAVAW_PROGRAM%" -vmargs -Dcom.ibm.di.loader.IDILoader.path="%TDI_HOME_DIR%" -Duser.language=en
  3. Now open “<TDI Program Dir>\ibmdisrv.bat” in a text editor
  4. Look for the line starting with “SET LOG4J=” and add ” -Duser.language=en” at the end of this line so it will look similar to
    set LOG_4J=-Dlog4j.configuration="file:etc\log4j.properties" -Duser.language=en

If you now restart TDI the UI and all messages in the log files will be in English.

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3 Responses to Tivoli Directory Integrator: Change UI and Log Language

  1. Vittorio says:

    It worked (and simplified my life). Thanks!

  2. Stefano says:

    Very useful tip!

  3. 7oot says:

    Hello, thank you for the tip, it worked for me (too)

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