A customer reported an error while accessing an IBM Content Manager Library within communities. The user got the error message "We are unable to process your request. The library you are trying to access is not available. You can try to load the library again. If this doesn't work, the library may have been deleted or modified to no longer be visible to you."

Within the Websphere logs you see java exceptions. The most important ones were:

"CQL5936:  The server is currently unavailable.  The configured object store, ICObjectStore, was not found on the P8 domain ICDomain at corbaloc:rir:/cell/clusters/Cluster1/CCM/Engine.  Contact your system administrator for assistance. "


"FNRCA0031E: API_UNABLE_TO_USE_CONNECTION: The URI for server communication cannot be determined from the connection object  Class=com.filenet.apiimpl.core.ConnectionImpl URI=corbaloc:rir:/cell/clusters/Cluster1/CCM/Engine Parameters={}."


There might be two possible configuration problems:

  1. Make sure that the name of the SSO token is correct.In Websphere Solution Console go to "Security -> Global Security -> Web and SIP Security ->Single Sign-on (SSO)".

    Check "LTPA V1 cookie name" and "LTPA V2 cookie name". It must be "LtpaToken" resp. "LtpaToken2". No other names are allowed and the entry is case sensitive. So make really sure, it looks like that.

  2. Make sure the Generic JVM properties of all servers where the Filenet application is running is set to the same values on all nodes. It can happen that on the secondary nodes some statements are missing.In Websphere Solution Console go to "Servers -> Server Types -> Websphere Application Servers -> <name of the server where Content Manager is running, e.g. "Cluster1_server1">". Within the server go to "Server Infrastructure -> Java and Process Management -> Process Definiton -> Additional Properties -> Java Virtual Machines" and check the value in "Generic JVM arguments".

    It should be the same for this server on all nodes and should look like

    " -Xgcpolicy:gencon -Djava.awt.headless=true   -Xsoftrefthreshold16     -Xgcpolicy:gencon -Djava.awt.headless=true -DFileNet.EJB.ContextProperties=java.naming.provider.url=! -Dibm.filenet.security.vmmProvider.waltzImpl=true -DenableWaltzIdConversion=true -Dcom.ibm.connections.directory.services.j2ee.security.principal=uid"

    If the statements are missing, add it. Make sure: These statements are only on the server where IBM Content Manager / Filenet applications are running. So you only need to add it there.

After doing a resync of all nodes and restart all servers, the issue should be solved.

IBM Connections 4.5: Error while accessing IBM Content Manager Library
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