I am using my Kindle already for a long time to read web articles which are too long to read directly while I am browsing.

Up to now I have used a service called Klip.me which worked fine but I was unsure how long this service will be available as there was no updates on their website for quite a long time. So I was looking for an alternative.

And I seem to have missed that Amazon itself has a similar service in place. There is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox available. The formatting looks a bit nicer than with Klip.me. So I will give this a try.

Update 23.07.2014:

After using the Amazon solution for some days now, I am a bit disappointed. Several times the Amazon solution did not capture the whole article but just the beginning. Some parts of the article were missing. The Klip.me solution however did work all the time. So I will stay with it ...

Send Web Articles to your Kindle
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