Empty page in Community metrics reports

Error "SRVE0293E: [Servlet Error]-[icmetricsjobservice]: Client Error SONATA: Internal Server Error @''
RSV-CM-0005 Content Manager hat für den angeforderten Suchpfad /content/folder[@name='IBMConnectionsMetrics']/package[@name='Metrics']/folder[@name='global']/folder[@name='overview']/report[@name='main']' kein Objekt zurückgegeben.
Failure RSV-CM-0005 Content Manager did not return an object for the requested search path /content/folder[@name='IBMConnectionsMetrics']/package[@name='Metrics']/folder[@name='global']/

CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client.

CM-REQ-4335 An error occurred while updating the object

CM-REQ-4341 You do not have adequate permissions to make this request

QE-DEF-0288 Unable to find the data source 'METRICS_CUBE_DS' in the content store.



  1. Verified the password for the JC2 alias "cognosAdmin"
  2. In the Cognos Admin Console added "Anonymous" and "Everyone" to the "IBMConnectionsMetricsAdmin" role.
  3. Re-run ""
  4. Changed "IBMConnectionsMetricsAdmin" role back so that only the Cognos admin is included in that role.
  5. Restarted the Cognos cluster
  6. Re-run a "build.all"
  7. ---> Everything works again
IBM Connections 5.0: Problems with Cognos reports
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