After I installed the Ephox editor in IBM Connections 5.5 as described here everything worked perfect in Firefox and Internet Explorer. However opening the editor in Google Chrome displayed the following error message "The spelling service was not found: ("

If you look at a Fiddler trace you see that the request "" returns an Error 500.

Looking at the SystemOut.log of the server where you have Ephox spell checking deployed displays several error messages complaining about untrusted SSL certificates:

Root cause:

The server used SSL certificates for which there was not Root resp. Intermediate Certificate present in the default Java trust store of the Websphere Java SDK. I needed to manually add both root and intermediate certificate to this trust store (you probably have already added these certificates to the Websphere Cell Default Truststore; but this is another one trust store!).

To do that, run the following commands on all Websphere Application Server nodes (you need to adapt the names and path names of your certificate files):

After you have done that and restarted the Websphere Clusters, your Ephox editor should work also with Google Chrome.

SSL Certificate Issue with Ephox Editor in IBM Connections 5.5
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3 thoughts on “SSL Certificate Issue with Ephox Editor in IBM Connections 5.5

  • 04.03.2016 at 18:11

    Thanks for documenting this. Worked nicely 🙂 Also, if using Windows then do not assume that "BOOT_DRIVE_LETTER:\opt\ephox\application.conf where BOOT_DRIVE_LETTER is the boot drive for your system" means the C drive. It really means the drive letter that WAS is installed on which in some cases is the D drive. If you set (like me) the wrong drive letter then you will see an error like "spray.can.Http$ConnectionAttemptFailedException: Connection attempt to localhost:8001 failed"

  • 11.05.2016 at 15:24

    @Ben, thanks. Your tip fixed my issue for Chrome & TextBox.IO. Strange to see that his kind of server side configuration can break it for Chrome and that in IE & FF you have no issues.


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