This is a required update for IBM Connections 5.5, so please download and install this iFix from FixCentral. Make sure you have installed the other IBM Connections 5.5 iFixes as well (especially the prerequisite fixes  LO87330 and LO87487).

Update 2016-02-17:

I just tried to install it on my test environment and got some issues afterwards. As long as I have not found out the root cause (not sure if it is the hotfix installation or something else) I recommend to install it only on a test environment where you can go back easily to the state before).

Update 2016-02-18:

It seems to be an issue with command line install. This did not work for me all the time. Installing via the Wizard succeeded. Have a PMR opened for that.

IBM Connections 5.5: February iFix LO87626 available
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