Today I did my first POTA (Parks on the Air) activation. There is a POTA location (DA-0238 Wilhelmsbad State Park) just 4 km away from my home so I gave it a try.

The conditions were not so well today, but I made 21 SSB contacts in 2 hours with one DX contact to Canada. My equipment was my Elecraft KX2 with 10 Watts and a C-Whip monoband vertical antenna (one for 40m, one for 20m) with a mag mount on my car. In addition I used a magentic pad to get a better grounding.

On 40m it was very difficult because there were some QRM with almost S9 on the whole band so I switched soon to 20m.

You can find out more of this location on the official website.

Thank you to all hunters today!

My first POTA activation
My first POTA activation
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