As I already got several requests now I think I need to document it here:

Users in Germany do see wrong calendar weeks in Notes 8.5.1 this year. To correct this you need to change a setting in your Notes client.  Go to

“File -> Preferences ->Calendar and To Do -> Regional Settings -> Week Numbers”

and change the setting to “Always use ISO-Standard” instead of “Use my operating system regional setting”.

Afterwards the week numbers will be correctly displayed according to the German standard.

Notes 8.5.1: Solution for wrong calendar weeks in Germany
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3 thoughts on “Notes 8.5.1: Solution for wrong calendar weeks in Germany

  • 18.01.2010 at 14:29

    Also, you can configure this centrally using a desktop settings document and add footerweekno=2 to the client notes.ini’s.

  • 17.08.2010 at 15:58

    Fine, but how do you fix this in a multinational company with users in both the EU and the US region? I have changed my settings to the ISO standard, but US users will NOT follow the ISO standard, so the configuration can not be distributed centrally to all clients.

    There must be a way to fix the error on a lower level so the week number displays correctly regardless of your region.

    I’m aware that the root cause is Windows, but there must be some way to check which region the user is in and to either use ISO or OS settings depending on region.

    (This same issue seems to exist in various programs, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Excel, etc, because Windows reports the wrong week settings for several regions).


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