I tried to configure file download via HTTP server for IBM Connections Content Manager (CCM) as described in the IBM Connections 5.5 info center.

However, changing the “fncs-sitePrefs.properties” file in the “FNCS_HOME/configure/explodedformat/fncs/WEB-INF/classes” directory and restarting Filenet and FNCS application did NOT work for me.

I needed to copy the changed file manually also to

(overwriting the existing one. Caution: There was an additional statement “enablePropertySheetTemplateMinMax=true” in that version of the file which I first copied into my properties file before copying!).

If you do have more than one CCM server you need to copy that file to the other servers profile directory as well.

After a restart of CCMCluster I now can see subfolders appearing in CCMCACHE so I would say the file download is now working via HTTP server.

I am not sure when the changed file from “FNCS_HOME/configure/explodedformat/fncs/WEB-INF/classes directory” should be copied to the application server profile. But I think this will only happen if you redeploy the FNCS application in Websphere.


I guess the documentation is missing the step “Reconfiguring FileNet Collaboration Services” after changing anything in “fncs-sitePrefs.properties” file … After that the changes in the file should be redeployed to all nodes.

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  1. It’s frustrating that this incomplete documentation has made it’s way into the latest knowledge center. Thanks for the tip, saves having to redploy the application.

  2. […] these values will not make their way into the application unless you redeploy it which is a pain. Michael Urspringer provided a nice work around by adding the values to […]

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